Xpressions SNAP! … the ultimate in frame-graphic technology!
Create a stunning 3-dimensional display to increase your sales … in a SNAP!  Twelve frames, two planes for integrated graphics, and
infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities!  3-D capability and fabric
size options create a truly unique display and lasting impression.

The frame is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached.  The portable, lightweight frame makes your display setup a SNAP!  No tools
or event labor required.  Simply grasp with both hands evenly the right and left side of the center quad within the frame, then gently lift
upward.   Strong magnetic connectors “SNAP” lock the frame automatically within seconds!

The versatility of this frame allows you to change graphics easily to create a totally fresh display. The Xpressions SNAP!  is truly
unlike any display!  Let your imagination take the reins and watch your sales soar!  Your message deserves the best … it deserves
Xpressions SNAP!
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XPressionsSNAP! kits come in a lightweight duffle bag.

Accessories available:
$    68.00   xPressions-SNAP! Padded Soft Case
$  244.00   xPressions-SNAP! Hard case
$    55.00   xPressions-SNAP! Rectangular shelf
$    25.00   xPressions-SNAP Round shelves Silver or Black
$  118.00   Low Voltage 50 watt Halogen lights / silver or black
$    40.00   Padded case for lights